I am running for the Spokane city council in the second district, covering the beautiful south hill and parts of the rapidly expanding west plains. My wife's name is Blakely, and I met her in college on a blind date; it is a funny story if you ask me about, which I encourage you to do! The first thing you should know about me is that I am in love with this city. 

Spokane is, in some ways, my obsession. The mountains, rivers, and pine trees contrasted with our industrial brick downtown. Manito Park with its English gardens and Japanese gardens. The quiet winter mornings on the hill after a snowfall. Going for a drive on Grand under the trees on a sunny summer day. Even more, I love the drive and ambition of the people here. I also love how those same people are so compassionate, genuine, and diverse. There is no doubt that Spokane's people have their own flavor. 

As a military "Brat," Spokane is one of ten places that I have lived. That is including cities on the West Coast, East Coast, Midwest, and South. We have even lived overseas in China and Japan. I say that to point out what a special place this is to me. I didn't have the opportunity to be born into a home city, but Spokane is the home I chose 15 years ago. That means something to me. That choice has given me a sense of duty and responsibility to be a positive part of this city's success. I went to Medical Lake High School, and for work, I have been a realtor here in Spokane. I taught English in China and have had the privilege of handling a policy portfolio in Washington D.C. in the House of Representatives for Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers. 

Other than that, I have great friends here in town and love spending time with them.  I am a man of faith, and we regularly attend Coram Deo Presbyterian Church. That dedication to my faith is what fuels my desire to pursue this endeavor of public service. I will be knocking on some 15,000 doors this year, so there is a good chance we will get to talk in person. Thank you for letting me serve my community this year, and feel free to invite yourself over to our house. We would love to have a glass of wine with you and learn about your vision for Spokane.